Sunday, September 9, 2012

mp3 to wake - rough prototype

So I hatched a rough prototype in Construct 2 for mp3 to wake. Basically I took an mp3 clip open in Audacity, traced it out in Photoshop, and exported the song to .ogg

Then in Construct 2, I traced the collision points to the waves in the audio clip I had just added. The rest is basic platforming mechanics I used from the platforming demo.

So basically, the song clip rolls along to the left and you must move with the arrow keys to keep up and stay on screen. Your score goes up when you jump - and that's bad for now. Try to get through with the least amount of jumps, because lower score is better.

MP3 to Wake rough prototype

Next steps:
  • Bouyancy/water physics?
  • Art ++
  • Intro/pre-loading screen
  • Scoring system - tricks?
  • Generate level profiles from chosen song (like Audacity)
Obviously there is still much work to be done, but it's a start! I'm probably going to move this into lua/Love2D since it'll be easier to do the audio generation/profiling. 

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