Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Indie Games - First Post


Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blogging endeavor! This blog was created and inspired after reading through some forums over at TigSource, NMcCoy's weekly game blog (not current), and some other blogs/social media sites.

Weekly Structure

After a little thought, I realized that I wanted to have a weekly project timeline as well. Week Indie Games will follow this structure: Prototype Week, Polish Week, Prototype, Polish, etc. Polish week is not necessarily designated to the previous week's prototype, but can be any game I've created in the past and may want to improve mechanics, art, audio, story, etc.


I'm mostly going to be using scripting languages and prototyping tools(construct 2). So expect games to be Javascript, Lua, Processing, and maybe Python. Eventually I'd like to get deeper into C#/XNA and Unity platforms should a game really take off.


I plan on tailoring my entries into Game Jams/Competitions @ CompoHub where applicable. Next one is Adventure-Time game-making frenzy! So I guess that means I'm also planning on using this as a dev journal during competitions.

Thanks for reading!

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